This is the day to think of time as a gift from God – Appreciate each second



SECRETARY: Elaine Whitwam

TREASURER: Marcia de Kock

MEDIA LIASON: Kerry-Lee Jesson

GENERAL MEMBERS: Pat Hamman & Clyde Mitchell

Platform workers for August 2014


Sam Bedser

Di Hayter

Les Bedser


Pat Hamman

Frank van Vloten

Rosemary Lindsay


Dianne  Hayter

Estelle Pettican

Estelle Pettican


Sam Bedser

Kerry-Lee Jesson

Les Bedser


Elaine Whitwam

Janet Pullock

Janet Pullock

Message from Dr Dianne Visser

Our journey to Lily Dale was very successful and we were well received by all. There was a positive reaction to our vision for the Manitowoc College, and I am now in the process of connecting with many of the people who expressed interest. I promise to share any information which will help us as a congregation, as well as individually to raise our vibrations and in so doing enable us to develop to our full potential.

This is an important time in our lives, and we are being called to journey deeper, to see and confront our shadows, and to embrace the reality that we have a capacity to extend ourselves beyond our wildest dreams.


Meditation Circles:

Elaine Whitwam runs an open circle at the Sanctuary on Fridays from 1pm – 2pm. Please contact her if you wish to join.

Dianne Visser is running a closed circle at her home, but we are in need of another circle, as there have been requests from several people who are wishing to develop within a circle. Please contact Dianne Visser should you be willing to start a circle, either at your home or in the Sanctuary, Di is willing to assist you should you require any guidance.

Library: Have a chat to Pat Hamman. There are some lovely books – have a browse.

Suggestion Box: Feel free to share your ideas with us.

Church members offering various modalities:

Dr Dianne Visser – 082 340 3492
Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Counselling, Clairvoyant readings, Reiki, Reflexology

Estelle Pettican – 076 212 1600

Clairvoyant Readings
Les Bedser – 074 829 2646
Clairvoyant Readings – Evidential mediumship

Clyde Mitchell – 082 779 2315
Spiritual Healing Honorary Member of T.H.A.S.A. and Indian Head Massage


I asked God to take away my pride, and God said No, it was not for him to take away but for me to give up.

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole, and God said No, his spirit is whole, the body is temporary.

I asked God to grant me patience, and God said No, he said that patience is a by-product of tribulation, it is not granted, it is earned.

I asked God to give me happiness, and God said No, he said he gives blessings, happiness is up to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow, God said No, I must grow my own, but he will prune me to make me useful.

I asked God to make me love others as much as HE loves me, and God said “Ah, finally you have the idea”.