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Sunday Service

24 March 2024

Sunday Service

Since ancient times it has been known that SOUND is a powerful ENERGY that interacts with all energy fields. It allows for synchronicity between the left and right brain hemispheres.

The Purple Unicorn experience is a circle of large chimes that are made up of 136Hz, 174Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz and other frequencies that not only help to heal physically and mentally but also open up the pineal gland. Only one person at a time may experience this amazing energy. The inclusion of the Unicorn energy, which is pure white unconditional love, leaves you with a sense of calm and a feeling of being loved.

It is a donation only experience and all donations will go to the running of our Beloved Melville Sanctuary of Love.

To make a booking please contact Dianne on +27 0810492435.

Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Soul Draw Weekly
Spirit Weekly
Drumming Circle

Drumming Circle – under the fullmoon

This amazing event is for everyone. Come and relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


Spiritualists do not have a special knowledge of why their loved ones are taken at the time of passing. They have the knowledge of continuous life. The Spiritualist does at least know that no life is wasted, no experience is wasted, although we cannot see the whole pattern. Concerning prayer, I have often said that […]

Old photographs and other sentimental items

I got to thinking about old photographs, birthday cards, letters and such like when I was up to my neck in sodden muddy papers after been hit by the Durban storm of early last month.   Beautifully stored in big plastic boxes stacked one upon the other in the outbuilding was no match for the torrent […]

7th Melville Annual Music and Folk Festival

Our Festival was fantastic! Huge thanks to everyone who came to share the day with us.

Resurrection and Pentecost

1) Good morning friends. Well, if you follow newspaper articles these days, there seems never to be a dull moment in politics in this country, if you consider what has happened during the last couple of weeks, with all the shuffling of positions in the ruling hierarchy, seemingly for their own benefit, rather than for the […]


1)  Good morning friends. A happy New Year to you all, admittedly a bit late but still within the orb of the Christmas period, if you don’t mind stretching a point slightly. For many, the past year has not been one to remember with any great fondness, but the human spirit is such that, despite […]


Healing: Sundays 09h15 – 09h45 Church Service: Sundays 10h00 – ± 11h00 GOD IS A SPIRIT, AND THEY THAT WORSHIP HIM MUST WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH. JOHN 4:24 COMMITTEE MEMBERS CHAIRPERSON: Sandy Morris SECRETARY: Helen Dodge TREASURER: James Sharkey GENERAL MEMBERS: Colin Mackrory, Mark Lehmann, Elaine Whitham, Storm Napier To all our precious […]

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