1)  Good morning friends. A happy New Year to you all, admittedly a bit late but still within the orb of the Christmas period, if you don’t mind stretching a point slightly. For many, the past year has not been one to remember with any great fondness, but the human spirit is such that, despite adversity, the smallest ray of hope is always regarded as a sign of better things to come, particularly at the time of the festive season and into the new year, with feelings of a fresh start of peace and goodwill.

2)  Today I’d like to talk to you about this feeling of goodwill that we have, towards those of other races and creeds besides our own, which has been engendered by the descent of the Christ Spirit.

3)  By definition, peace is the absence of conflict, which means that people work together in the same direction and towards the same goals, and not face-to-face. These days, the question of race obsesses many people’s minds and thinking in our country, as we all know. Looking around at the many skin colours of those we come across daily, and the individuals who have been born into those bodies during this incarnation, how many of us have stopped to think, for example, of why one soul is born into a white body, another

into a brown body and so on, and of the different backgrounds we all come from?

4)  To foster feelings of goodwill and co-operation, we have to have our fair share of tolerance and understanding, and it helps a great deal towards those feelings if we are aware of some of the reasons, of why people are where they are, and what it is that they have to experience, topromote their spiritual growth.

5)  To help you along, you may care to consider a little of the esoteric background to all this. If you find it somewhat unusual, just bear with it for a few minutes, and see whether the explanation strikes a chord within your being.

6)  The book of Genesis relates to the formation of the earth and the creation of mankind. It was in the Garden of Eden that man first incarnated. In the second chapter we are told that four rivers flowed out of Eden. Now, this number 4 is important for the earth because it is the number to which physical matter resonates. This is symbolised by several things:

            the 4 basic elements;

            the 4 kingdoms of matter;

            the 4 points of the compass;

            the 4 equal arms of the true cross, or Celtic cross, which is a symbol of the earth;

            and the 4 basic types of man on earth, or the 4 major races.

7)  The true cross, not the crucifix which has been devised by man and symbolises Christianity with its attendant suffering, represents the 4 major races, the 4 separate streams of cosmic consciousness symbolised by the 4 rivers flowing out of Eden, these being the white race, the yellow race, the black race and the red race. If you consider the 4 compass points, you could place the white race at the north, the yellow race at the east, the black race at the south and the red race at the west.

8)  It was originally intended by the spiritual hierarchy, that each of the 4 races should evolve according to its own cosmic pattern and design, to harmonise, and thereby advance the evolution of the planet. Each one should remain individual, yet live together in unity before becoming one cosmic whole.

9)  This has unfortunately not happened over the ages, and perhaps you can now see why so much conflict exists on earth today. If only the races of the earth would return to an understanding of their true cosmic consciousness, it would in no small way help to harmonise the planet on which they live.

10) Each of the 4 major races, therefore, represents one of the 4 basic elements of matter:

            the white race, air;

            the yellow race, water;

            the black race, earth;

            and the red race, fire,

and it is through the vibration and understanding of those 4 elements, that the individual cosmic evolution of the races is to be accomplished.

11) At the same time, it must be remembered that the question of superiority or inferiority does not arise at all. The races, being symbolised by each of the 4 arms of the cosmic cross of equal length, are literally incomparable.

12) You may wonder how each race is to fulfil its destiny. In the case of the yellow race, which represents water, its destiny would be to attune itself to the wisdom of creation, and through the vibration of healing, would bring down to humanity the radiation of divine wisdom.

13) The black race, which represents the element earth, is responsible for grounding mankind to the earth. Through its spiritual knowledge, its destiny is to bring from the centre of the earth the power and the harmony necessary for this grounding to the planet.

14) The red race represents the element fire, the cleansing aspect of life. It is only by undergoing complete cleansing, that man and the earth will survive. Through its union with the earth and its knowledge of plant and animal life, the destiny of the red race is to establish direct and harmonious communication with all aspects of consciousness.

15) Lastly, the white race, which represents the element air, is in the ascendant today as we move into the Air age, the age of the mind, the Age of Aquarius. Look around you today and you see how true this is, for the western world is a civilisation of the mind, with few other influences to harmonise it. The destiny of the white race is to bring down the new education to the earth, through its creativity, its search into cosmic life and revelation of cosmic law.

16) What progress has been made in fulfilling these separate destinies, over the aeons of time which have passed, you may ask. Well, the 4 rivers out of Eden, the 4 races, have gradually merged their cosmic bloodstreams, and their original purity has been lost. The peoples of the world have looked only to their own ends and not to those of their fellow men, and the harmony and balance which originally existed, has gone.

17) Next time you see the cosmic cross with 4 equal arms, bear in mind that it is the symbol for the original purpose of this planet, for the harmonising of the 4 races, the 4 elements, individually at first and responding to their true inner feelings, but then merging into a unity of outlook.

18) As a simple analogy, take a windmill with 4 sails, each of a different colour. When the sails begin to turn and gather speed in the cosmic wind, so the colours blend into one another until they are indistinguishable.

19) And so we return to the answer to the original question we asked ourselves: a desire for peace and harmony among all people, a unity in diversity, resulting in mutual goodwill and upliftment. Nothing worthwhile is achieved without the commensurate of effort, and it therefore behoves each of us to go within, to see the spark of divinity in our brother man and now, with a greater degree of understanding, to realise some of the reasons for his being as he is; and with the greater vision granted to us, to be tolerant of the fallibilities of the wider range of human nature.