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1) Good morning, friends. Well, we’ve just had our election a few days ago, and by and large, the old saying still applies, that you get the government that you deserve. This is nothing more than the Law of Karma in operation, that cause must have its exact effect. This cosmic law is intimately tied […]

Church Taboos: Homosexuality

I believe that platform workers have a duty to put across matters that ought to be of interest to the congregation – particularly to those who may be new to our Way of Life – by looking at various matters that may seem in conflict with what they may hitherto been bought up to believe. […]

Children who do not have a childhood

Gail Richards, Melville, Sanctuary of Love. 4 October 2015 Today’s subject developed from what I came across, and still do, through my work as a Recruitment Consultant.   It started a year or two ago, but in this year particularly, where a new set of youthful job seekers have flooded the market – and have again […]