Our History


“Read not to contradict nor confute, nor believe to take for granted, but weigh and consider. Histories make men wise.”
By Sir Francis Baco

1965 – A group of like minded friends residing in the Hibberdene / Umzumbe decided to form a “circle”. The members were Silvia and Cyril Wild, Ruth and George van Tonder, Mr. and Mr.s Hubble, Clem and Joan Hobbs, Mrs. Frieda Skippage and Delene Kelly who was not a resident in the area but was able to attend every 2-3 weeks. The circle was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wild once a week. Very quickly Cyril developed a strong deep trance medium, the name of his Guide was Laiasal, who gave us a great amount of information about The Spirit World and beautiful Spiritual Teachings.

These talks were all recorded in shorthand, the typed out the following day. Copies were handed to the sitters to study. Later, Laiasal suggested we should keep the copies safe as Cyril may use them later. Cyril did later in 1974 publish 3 books with Frieda Skippage’s help. The books were: No matter, More Matter and More Matter for Thought. Meanwhile at circle Laiasal suggested that a SPIRITUALIST CHURCH should be opened for many people were clamoring to join this popular and very interesting circle.22 January 1967 the HIBBERDENE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH opened it’s new doors. This was a special Service, with A Blessing. Nine Merrington was invited to do the Clairevoyance and the Blessing of the Church. Nine Merrington was also the author of the book “Mike”. Nine’s Guide came through with the name “Melville Spiritualist Church”. our first committee was also chosen on that day by the congregation. It was a unanimous decision that the founder members become the first committee members.

1975 – the Umzumbe Hall was set close to the Umzumbe Station, the Sugar Cane loading zone and the sound of the ocean. The scene was set for the next 28 years.

1984 – The NSF (National Spiritualist Federation) was formed. It was time to unify all our churches in South Africa. The Melville Spiritualist Church joined this Federation, and worked with the NSF.

1987 – We changed the name of Hibberdene Spiritualist Church, Melville Spiritualist Church, reasons being logistic and politics of the times. The new name became: Umzumbe Spiritualist Church, The Melville Spiritualist Church. Knowledgeable and wise teachings and clairvoyance were given through many mediums. Over and above all this was the blessing of love, worshiping God, communicating with spirit and our guides, uplifting inspiration and camaraderie.

Present Day – We are now known as the Melville Spiritualist Church.