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Dirk van der Merwe – State of Universal Change Video

Contact us if you wish to get hold of Dirk van der Merwe’s DVD’s, or any of the many other wonderful speakers that the SoL has had the privilege to host. Visit our Media Section for more details of Audio and Visual recordings available – available for a donation to The Sanctuary of Love and […]

Dirk the Dynamic – On A Love Powered Spiritual Path

Dirk van der Merwe is a man who cannot easily be defined, described or boxed, as it were; there wouldn’t be enough space on a webpage or a box big enough to do this ‘powerful motivator for Spiritual Self-Awareness’ fair justice. The best we can suggest is that you keep an ear and an eye […]

SoL HEALING DAY 10 March 2012

Another SoL community Service of note – LIZ VIVIERS conducted a Healing DAY at The Sanctuary on Saturday 10 March – and it was full-house, and a wonderful day. There were over 20 participants – although the course could only ‘certify’ 20 healers. And a timeous event it was, given that plans for The SoL […]

Meditation Hints & Spiritual Advice

No Expectations In the way that I teach meditation, the idea is to simply to assume a position of freedom from the very beginning. You’re not trying to create any particular experience. Experiences may come and go, but you are not seeking for experiences. You are just assuming the position of unconditional freedom, without any […]


So far the tentative line-up of Friday the 27 April 2012 – the groups are confirmed but we have to see what sponsorship / backers we can get before we committ – The ZULU INDIAN COLLABORATION (Traditional Indian Music combined with Zulu Maskandi featuring Sitar Master Shanjeet Teeluck, Tabala Master Vishen Kemraj & Maskandi Master […]