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Spiritualists do not have a special knowledge of why their loved ones are taken at the time of passing. They have the knowledge of continuous life. The Spiritualist does at least know that no life is wasted, no experience is wasted, although we cannot see the whole pattern. Concerning prayer, I have often said that […]


1)  Good morning friends. A happy New Year to you all, admittedly a bit late but still within the orb of the Christmas period, if you don’t mind stretching a point slightly. For many, the past year has not been one to remember with any great fondness, but the human spirit is such that, despite […]

Church Taboos: Homosexuality

I believe that platform workers have a duty to put across matters that ought to be of interest to the congregation – particularly to those who may be new to our Way of Life – by looking at various matters that may seem in conflict with what they may hitherto been bought up to believe. […]

Newsletter – May / June 2015

Committee Members CHAIRPERSON: Kerry-Lee Jesson SECRETARY: Tina Thomas TREASURER: James Sharkey GENERAL MEMBER: Colin Mackrory Message from Kerry-Lee: Namaste Sanctuary of Love… ….and so…(drum roll)…. with much pride, our much anticipated 5th Annual Folk and Acoustic Festival is less than a week away. I would like to thank my committee, James, Tina and Colin and […]


An old adage states “a true leader is born, not made”. This may have an essence of truth in it, but leaders can be made or developed through life changing events, or just through growing up. I am sure all of us have thought at some time, that a particular person is a great leader.   […]