I believe that platform workers have a duty to put across matters that ought to be of interest to the congregation – particularly to those who may be new to our Way of Life – by looking at various matters that may seem in conflict with what they may hitherto been bought up to believe.

Many times over the years I have been told by Spirit to pass on what I have learned to others, and have tried my level best to do so;  thus, I have taken my platform duties very seriously, and have ‘grasped the nettle’ on several issues that people seem shy to talk about: Suicide, euthanasia, capital punishment etc. Today is no exception.

About a month ago, I was at my ‘ecclesiastical alma mater’ – the Spiritualist Church in Benoni to do the address. It was great to be there. It was a good service, the Chairman did a great job, and the organist likewise provided a wonderful live vibration, and there were four clairvoyants – three of them students, all very competent.

After the service I congratulated the President on her maintaining the ‘vibe’ in the church, and mentioned how impressed I was by the service platform workers. Whilst chatting to her, she mentioned that two of the same-sex platform workers were married according to the Law – and the South African constitution; but there were members of the congregation that were very unhappy about this.

Her position was clear – she supported the couple.

My position was clear too; as an Honorary Life President I supported her.

In our religion or more exactly – our Way of Life – we recognise no dogmas or doctrines. These doctrines still belong to those of an orthodox mindset that have not moved on from the writings cast in antiquity – the Books of Leviticus, Exodus and others of the Good Book. These instructions may have made good sense in their day but not necessarily for the times that have moved some 5000 years on.

In this day and age we know that there is a percentage of persons, male and female, who are imbued with a mental capacity that does not reflect exactly their biological status. Some men have some female genes in their make-up which make them more compassionate than most males. Some females have male genes that would make them seem by comparison hard-headed and perhaps ruthless by female standards.

Then there are males and females that feel positively uncomfortable in the bodies that they are born with; the girls prefer being tom-boys and doing boy-things, the males gravitating to more girlie pursuits and may even cross-dress.

Further along the scale are those people who are born with the opposite sexual equipment, or even both. Now the Book of Leviticus never expanded on any of this – for in those days there was no science as we know it. So over the millennia those poor people who were born ‘out of kilter’, have been treated as outcasts and were even legislated against.

Thanks to modern technology, those born with the “wrong” sexual equipment can now make a change; though it is a rather long and painful experience. Likewise, those who believe they were mentally born in the wrong bodies for their psyche can also have their sex changed –albeit at a similar sacrifice.

So these physical problems can be addressed. Now let us consider:  when we behold two people who love one another, male or female, and their partner of the same sex  – lets face it  – we imagine the physical aspect of their  union or relationship and the seeds of ‘abomination’ are sewn………. We do not have these kinds of images of our friends who are heterosexual or ‘straight’.

Now, thanks to medical skills those whose may have been sexually afflicted, or mis-sorted, are able to get straightened out, according to our ‘norms’ and now can conform to the accepted hetero-sexual image.

That’s OK. Not so? What’s changed? Only the physical, the spirit within both has not changed.

They have not changed. Our mind’s eye image has been changed. All because of an operation – so now, it’s Kosher, its acceptable!

Their love has not changed nor their spirit. Their Christ-spark has not changed. Hopefully our prejudice and perception can be changed.

So, must we still condemn or despise those who are unable to be surgically altered (because they can’t afford it or for reasons of ill-health or whatever)? No, I think not.

We are a Spiritualist church, and our spiritual search for Truth must focus on the Spiritual, aspects of life. The physical obstacles that beset us as individuals are the grist in the mill of life that serves to grind off the sharp edges to our characters. Part of our duty is to search for the ‘Christ Spirit’ in every one whom we meet upon this Life’s Path whether they are ‘straight’ or not. Let us be the lanterns of light to show the Way to those who may be in spiritual darkness.

I suppose it is most unusual to read the Lesson at the end and not the beginning of the Address, but I think in this case, it is appropriate.


Roy Gardener