@ Highcroft Retreat Centre, KZN – Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th April

with Dominic Haarhoff

Become an energy healer and work with the universal healing energy of Kundalini-Shakti – the Divine Feminine. Bring about emotional healing, sexual balance, and mental purification & spiritual healing. Experience the bliss of a balanced mind and body. This workshop is for those who wish to become energy healers themselves or for existing healers who wish to incorporate it into their practice.

Participants will be attuned/initiated into Shakti energy for healing and awakening from the top down – in other words from the spiritual level down to the mental, astral, etheric and into the physical level. You will also be taught how to attune your crystals into Shakti energy and how to channel this energy through your hands to other people both in person and remotely over any distance.

Investment per person: R1230with accomodation, R720 course only

Duration: approx. 2 Days – see program below

Booking is Essential: Max 18 people includes accomodation and meals , or course only participants includes teas

Includes Attunement Certificate + 100pg Manual + 1 crystal pendulum

“Surrendering is only surrendering ego to Self. Surrendering money or possessions is not surrender because it does not belong to you anyway, But if you surrender to ego , you get rid of everything.” (Sri H.W.KL.Poonja)

Day 1 – 27th April

  • 10:00 Shakti 1 Lecture
  • 11:00 Tea time
  • 11:30 Crystal Meditation
  • 12:00 EFT Technique
  • 13:00 Lunch Time
  • 15:00 Crystal Grid Demonstration
  • 15:30 Kundalini Lecure – KAS1
  • 16:30 Mudra’s and Mustle testing
  • 17:00 Akashic records meditation
  • 17:30 Dinner Time

Day 2 – 28th April

  • 10:00 The Safeties
  • 11:00 Tea time
  • 11:30 Axional Connection
  • 12:00 Attunement Process
  • 13:00 Lunch Time
  • 15:00 Shakti Healing Demonstration
  • 16:00 Dynamic Meditation
  • 17:00 Departure

“To be alone is the only real revolution. To accept that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you.” (Osho)

To Book please contact Dominic at dom3merlin@gmail.com or phone 044 8730547

Visit the Highcroft retreat’s Website on www.highcroft-retreat.co.za or contact Elaine 0823377702

Highcroft Retreat is a new addition to the existing working parrot breeding facility and is situated in Umzumbe North of Port Shepstone on the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal. It is 1 km from the beaches of Umzumbe and Pumula and 18kms from Port Shepstone. The area is known for its beautiful climate and renowned for its Sardine Run which occurs around about July of every year.

There are walks on the farm as well as good birding on the dams surrounding Highcroft farm. Holistically the retreat encourages respect for nature and ones fellow man and does not encourage radios, TV and pets. Please check if retreats are suitable for children. On conducted retreats visitors need to make prior booking to visit the Labyrinth.

DIRECTIONS: To reach the Retreat, one takes the South Coast freeway from Durban, take the Hibberdene turnoff onto the old South Coast Road. Travel through the village of Hibberdene. Approx 6 kms from Hibberdene, turn right onto the St.Elmo turnoff, keep left for a further 1km until you see the entrance of the retreat. The two signs are FARM WATCH 4 and HIGHCROFT. Turn left into the farm.

Dominic Rex Haarhoff is a Reiki III Master, Shakti facilitator and Kundalini -Reiki teacher who lives in George in the Garden route. His parents were initiated by a disciple of Shri Matagi Devi’s in 1992 (and he was given Shaktipat) His Journey with Shakti (in this life) began when he was 14 years old.. By Divine grace Dominic survived and achieved clarity on most of his past and present life karma when he was 18. Then a need to meet with Shakti (while researching his Indian ancestry) was re awoken after a dream sending in about Feb 2010 when Dominic was 24.

At the time he was a Level II Usui Reiki practitioner with 4 years of experience in deep entropy. Nothing could lift his depression. The Devine feminine was merciful one night and appeared to him in a dream offering consolation. Not long after the dream he met with distant cousin Werner Reyneke who a few years previously had had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. So it was in March 2011, Dominic was attuned to Shakti energy through Werner Reyneke where he picked up the basics of the Kundalinin snake unravelling karma.

The real journey however began after his Kundalini activated again out of the blue in November the same year. The awakening left him a little ungrounded as psychic gifts were being unlocked. The Rainbow Phoenix (a manifestation of Shakti) rides with him still …