September Newsletter

Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect To Be Wonderful

Annette Funicello


Our greetings to all who are part of our wonderful sanctuary.  Time is moving on and once again we are in Spring with the newness of this season all around us.  How lucky we are to live in this beautiful place:  to see the wonder of new green leaves, Spring plants which will soon be blooming in a lovely show of colour and to watch birds building their nests in readiness for a new generation to hatch.

There is not too much to report to you at this time.  Certain things are still pending, such as the retaining wall behind the church.  We have received quotes from contractors which are impossibly high and we are still trying to find a way to do the repair within our financial limits. Mark will be coming up from the Cape early next month and hopefully a final decision will be made.

The lodging of the rezoning application of the church property will go ahead next month.  So there is a bit of movement in the right direction.

As we all know, our very dear Barbara Caldicot passed into spirit recently and her family would like to extend their thanks for the support of the congregation at her service as well as to Dianne Visser who took on the task of catering.  Thank you all for your input.

We have had to have a security system put in place due to theft from our sanctuary recently.  Gladiator Security has set everything up and the system seems to be effective.

The response to a suggestion to have a discussion/debate about the talk that dealt with Spiritualism/Christianity has been overwhelming and we will meet at the SOL on Saturday the 12th October at 9.30 to hear all your views.  Please make the effort and come along.  It should be interesting to all. A few plates of eats will be appreciated for when we have a break for tea so please feel free to bring something along.

Thank you all for your weekly contributions at our services.  We have been able to assist a few folk who have had needs and we would never be able to have helped them without your love and kindness.

We still need to keep Angel Wings in mind.  They have ongoing needs as their center is full and they have a constant battle to keep the pot full in order to feed those in need.  A very big thank you to all who donated blankets, warm clothes etc this year.  It has been accepted with much gratitude.

Our next Clairvoyant Day is to be held on Saturday 28th November 2015 at the Sanctuary.  We will announce the names of the clairvoyants at a later date.

Please, we need some asbestos sheeting for Morgal’s room as we need to get a better roof in place for her before the rainy season start.  We would also be grateful for any secondhand windows, wood etc to make the room more livable. You can contact Estelle  039 6951426 if you can help.

We have been donated fencing to repair the section of the property that is next to the road.  Please guys, we need your help to put this in place….there are just certain things that the ladies are not able to do. Phone Estelle to arrange this repair and let’s get it done.

Please remember that the Chairlady and the Committee are always available to all of you if you need to have a chat, have a request or even a complaint. Let us know if there are any folk in our Sanctuary who need assistance in any way and we will do our best to help.

Once again my thanks to our committee members for their time and the good job they are doing.  And our thanks to our healers for their service to others each week.

We all know that Hector is in poor health and has been in Hospice to help with pain control.  He will be coming home soon so we just want to ask you all to keep him and his family in thought and prayer each day.  Just give him or Marcia a call to say hi.  We know that God has a plan and understand that whatever it is, His will be done.

Bless you all for being the special people you are and we ask God to walk beside each one of you every day.




Estelle Pettican