A very good morning to all and thank you for attending this AGM.

I would like to begin by saying that the past year has seen a few changes within the church as well as in the committee.  Bev Schaub was voted in at the last AGM but due to personal obligations needed to resign.  We welcomed Tina Thomas as Beth’s replacement and the committee has worked well together.  There have been a few challenges along the way but we have managed to keep things running smoothly.

An ongoing problem is the embankment behind the church which has started to collapse.  We are in the process of getting quotes for a proper retaining wall and will keep you all posted on the progress of the repair.

The Manitowoc College is still very much on the cards, and we still wait on funding to be granted in order to start the construction of the building. Mark is constantly sending out proposals to different organizations for the funding. We want to extend a huge thank you too all who have contributed and donated to our Angel Wings charity as well as the Umzumbe Creche.  The sanctuary bought a washing machine as well as, through the kind contribution of one of our members, a year supply of gas to help Angel Wings.  The Umzumbe Creche has received toys, clothing and a big doll house for the children.

There also has also been a substantial amount of clothing donated for the poor in that area.  So thanks to everyone who has made these things possible.  Let’s keep up the good work. On a more personal level, the church has given financial aid to several
of its members throughout the year and has also purchased food vouchers from supermarkets to help those who are not able to manage for themselves. This is what it’s all about.  We have received so many blessings in this sanctuary and to be able to help others through those blessings is wonderful.

There has been an enormous amount of work done in the clearing of the underbrush and overgrowth on the property and I would like to extend thanks to those who work tirelessly, especially Tina, Cynthia, Pat and Louise.  It has made such a difference.  They have also cleared a better pathway along the front and side of the church to make access easier for those who find the stairs a challenge.

We have decided on a wall of remembrance which will accommodate plaques, on the front, white wall along the top steps.  Cynthia has the information about the cost of plaques etc. if anyone would like to know.

Our Music Festival is coming up this month and we have managed to secure quite a lot more stalls.  We have been donated R5000 towards the musician fees by the Southport Community Policing which has been a great help to us. So our thanks to them for their support. My thanks must go to all the platform workers locally and from the Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Umkomaas and Scottsburgh areas.  Their constant support of our sanctuary is greatly appreciated.

Lastly I want to thank my committee for their commitment to the sanctuary and all the hard work they have put into the past year.  As Chairman I depend on each committee member to work with me and I have not been disappointed.  So thank you to all of you.
Hector is stepping down after two years on the committee and Pat, who has served us well for over six years, is also taking a break so there are two openings for the New Year ahead of us.  The remaining members of the committee are standing for re-election but of course it is up to the congregation as to who will serve for the next twelve months.

In closing, I want to thank the congregation for their constant support of the sanctuary.  We have a wonderful fellowship and a lot of love in this spiritual home and without you it would not exist.  Thank you and may you all be blessed.

Estelle Pettican