Change is the watchword of progress. When we tire if the well-worn ways, we seek for the new. This restless craving on our souls spurs us to climb and to seek the mountain view. Talk with the year that is coming as with a friend who is crossing your Threshold to bring you gifts.

Accept the Spring, the Summer, the Autumn and the Winter of the year as perfect expressions of the Creator and be thankful. Then you will surely grow with it. The one who sows Courtesy reaps friendship, and the one who plants kindness gathers love. Lord, as the year draws to an end, we thank you for so much, For all the good and happy times, each smile and loving touch.

We thank You, too, for other times when things went sadly wrong. For being there to understand, You helped us to be strong. Now as the year is ending, Lord, We ask you to be near, to be our guide and guardian Throughout the coming year.