Greetings to all.

The coming year, which seems to be flying by, is going to be one of change , needing our patience and understanding. As I read recently, it was predicted that the year would be like a permanent full moon with all the craziness involved. So to celebrate change, to celebrate craziness, we are drumming on the  Labyrinth on Monday 25th February to the energy of the full moon.

Highcroft is on the Lower S.KZN coast about 80kms from Durban.Come and join us for our drumming. Bring your wine, snacks, drum or anything that makes a noise , a cushion and whatever else. We will start at 6.30 and if you  are planning on coming please let me know. There are some that may need a lift so if you are willing this would be great.

The Retreat and Labyrinth was built as a vision and has been quiet for some time. Maybe it’s time to raise the energy. Anyone wanting to do any workshops here, please let me know. I would like to see a team join hands to make this lovely place of Highcroft, BE. Just BE…. all that it was built for.

We will also continue our debate meetings at a time that suits the majority. I learnt an amazing amount from the sessions that we did have. This is an amazing forum for information, getting together with open minded people as well as a learning centre with guest speakers that cover a large spectrum. Any teachers, healers, educators, religious and esoteric leaders who would like to be  guest speakers, again please let me know.The motto of the debate sessions is ‘ never take anything personally ‘ and keep an open mind..

So Highcroft looks forward to seeing you on Monday evening as this will be the first of many drumming evenings. We are also wanting to run a workshop on building your own drum and this is priced at R100 which includes the materials and the instructor. She also has more elaborate drums available at a higher cost of course.

Please let me know if you would like to participate.

With much love and energy.