Lead yourself first. – Be the change!

E       Enjoy the moment to moment process. – By doing the small things you can do now, great things are accomplished.

A       Authenticate your natural creativity. – Be true to yourself!

D       Dare to dance your own dance. – Take a chance and bring your dance into community.

E       Energize and exercise daily. – Honor your body.  Take time for silence.

R       Reliable to your word! – Be mindful about what you say.

S       Serve others! –  Be the source for someone else and serve in the ‘circle of community’.

H      Harness your potential! – Be the life force of your own vision and let that power take part in the greater vision.

I        Initiate action! – Be the positive movement and step forward with courage.

P       Peacefully empower your life and passionately pass on some of your abundance and prosperity.