Magnetic Pages is unique in that none of the guidance given in its pages has been edited by man, it contains pure Guidance from Spirit. This has been channelled by trance medium Pam Hughes, and contains advice and wisdom for day to day living, giving explanations for any question you have of this life path.

The name itself was given by the Guide Akkbar, who is basically the author of this book, although other Guides have also added to the teachings. The name gives direction on how to use the book, not to be read from cover to cover as other books but to be opened at random, your energy connecting with the teaching necessary for your question at that exact point. The cover was also given by Spirit, Source energy flowing from it’s centre core to give to all who wish to receive.

Included in the book is a history on the growth of Pam, from a seeker of truth to a trance medium and all that entails, also included are many explanations from Spirit. eg. If cut flowers are placed near a spot where someone passed away, the Soul of the flowers will show the Soul of the person the way into the Light.

For how many eons have cut flowers been placed on the graves of those who have passed, now we know why, a knowledge known by our ancestors but forgotten through time.

Pam hosts workshops and teachings groups, she also does sittings and hosts development circles, allowing others to find their gifts of clairvoyance and channelling.

The book costs R150 and can be purchased from Pam Hughes @

Who Is Pamela Hughes?

Born of Scottish Irish parents I lived the first half of my life in Cellardyke, one of a group of small traditional fishing villages clustered along the east coast of  Scotland. The “Gift” of clairvoyance has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations in my family and for me the sense of “Sight” has been as natural as breathing all my life

My husband, two sons and I immigrated to the Kwa Zulu Natal south coast in 1981, and it was here my Spiritual journey truly began. My children had grown and left home when the “Person” I had always felt at my side began to make itself known. I knew I had to build on my existing awareness, to develop enough so we could meet. I joined a development circle attached to a Spiritualist church, and within a year the Guide ‘AKKBAR’ began to channel through me. A powerful teaching Guide, he introduced himself as Akkbar High Priest of Isis, an ancient Egyptian. At first his teachings were simple, linked to my understanding and only when I understood the teachings with, not my mind, but my inner core, would he take me further.

As my journey progressed, other teaching Guides approached and also gave out their knowledge, not for me alone but for anyone drawn to them.

I am now a practicing clairvoyant, hosting Development circles to allow others to access their gifts, and teach Spiritual knowledge through the Spiritual workshop “Ascending The Web”. I also am invited to work in several of the Kwa Zulu Natal Spiritualist churches.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing people enlightened by the Knowledge that they have been given, their path more open to them by the Guidance they received.