CHAIRPERSON: Kerry-Lee Jesson
Gwen Ross
James Sharkey
Tina Thomas / Colin Mackrory

Message from Kerry-Lee:

Love gives you power to merge,
From finite to Infinity.
Love gives you power to trust,
From nothing to everything.
Love gives you power, the most powerful
Prayer between you and your Creator.
Love gives you vastness,
As vast as there can be.
Love gives you the hold, the experience,
And the touch with your own Infinity,
As beautiful as there can be

Namaste Sanctuary of Love…

I trust everyone has had a wonderful April!

The committee, together with David Marks, have been very busy with planning and getting everything on track for the festival on the 16th June 2015! Our 5th annual folk festival is going to be our best ever!!

We have The Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters, Hinds Brothers and Quadasi and Maq Radebe on the programme, along with interesting and talented local artists and songwriters.

We will be having an exciting line-up of Clairvoyants and even a tea cup reader this year. Tina will have a list for bookings, so invite your friends and family to book a session.

Stalls are available at R100 payable before the 31 May and R150 thereafter. Forms are available at the Sanctuary next to the healing book. Only holistic, recycled or homemade goodies will be on sale… so plants, pickles, paintings, dream catchers, fudge, sweeties, energy saving goodies… etc. are welcome.

Our delicious food will be on offer again – veggie breyani, homemade butternut soup, Badie and Edwina’s delicious breakfast rolls, boerie and chicken rolls. Thank you Badie and Edwina for your incredible support with this mammoth task once again.

And of course…with all your help and assistance…. a delicious array of cakes and delights to sell in the tea garden. Start brushing up on your baking skills please!!!

Beer and Wine will be on sale, thank you to The Rock Music Bistro for arranging a licence for the day.

A list will be placed up at the Sanctuary for much needed helpers on the day…. if we each commit to an hour or two where we feel we will be of most help…. then it spreads the load and we will all have an opportunity to enjoy the rest of the day, listening to the music!

To raise a little money for FIDO, the SPCA “dog”, we have decided to use the Sanctuary inside toilets for ladies who don’t enjoy using a porta loo – they will be asked to pay R5 into FIDO. The men folk can use the Acorn Loo’s.

Please help our animal charity…

Our animal food collection is looking rather bleak, so if you can spare a packet of doggie biscuits or some old blankets, towels or yoga mats, they will be gratefully received by the animals without homes or love. A pillow or old soft toy… winter is upon us, the animals could do with a little warmth if you have anything to spare. Brick-a-Brack is always welcomed by the SPCA as they sell in their shop to help assist with the upkeep of the unit. So please give them a thought when next you clean out your cupboards!

Tweni Cats

Di has been very busy sterilising and feeding the Tweni Clinic Cat population and I feel that I need mention, that if each one of us took the time and energy to make a small difference in the community, what a difference it makes us as a collective energy. Thank you Di for your caring heart and most especially thank you to the congregation for supporting Di’s eat sales on a Sunday – we missed your yummies on Sunday!!

In closing, if you were not at church on Sunday, Elaine Whitwam channelled through a beautiful message on Patience… such a small, but conscious gift to give to all sentient life on our planet at this time. Patience does not take much energy, in fact it is energy sparing… our lives are so rushed at this time… we even get impatient with our guides and when our prayers are not speedily answered in the way we feel they should … try a little patience over the next few weeks… be conscious that everyone is trying their best… the more attention you give to patience, the more joy you feel in your heart… and remember to gift yourself with patience and kindness.

Wishing you all peace, love and light,


W O W Moments

SHARED by Roy Harvey:

Roy had a minor operation a few weeks back and told us the following –

“During the prep I dehydrated and needed 1lt saline.  The Op went well, but the medication gave me nightmares!!! On Wednesday night, I woke up at 3 a.m and the bedroom was full of spirit figures.

I did not know any of them.  They must have been healers because I started to feel better the very next morning”   A Wow moment for sure.

SHARED by Gwen Ross:  

Gwen has been attending Les Bedser’s Path of Light Course and has since learned to use her pendulum… which I may say, did not budge in the beginning for her, much to her dismay…UNTIL, this last week she hid her brand new deck of Angel Cards so safely, that she could not find them herself!

Out came the pendulum… Gwen: “Are they in my Room?” No Gwen: “Are they in my bathroom?” Yes Into the bathroom and Gwen passionately communicated with her pendulum … and then … there they were… right at the back of her drawer!!!

Please let me have your news to share with others… we love to hear about Wow moments!


Happy 80th Birthday Wendy!!!!

I would like to, on behalf of us all wish Wendy Marr an exceptionally happy and blessed birthday this week!!  Wendy is one of the founding members of the Sanctuary and has been a blessing and a joy to us all!  Enjoy your 80th birthday Dear One!!

Reinhardt’s Place

Clyde has appealed to us all to pray for his special family at Reinhardt’s….it has been home to 20 odd handicapped people, who will have to be re-homed to a government institution if the impending closure takes place. Our Dear Clyde has always been passionate about  praying together for South Africa as a community, and I would like us to keep Clyde and Reinhardt’s Place in our prayers over this challenging time.

Art Exhibition

Helen Dodge is proudly going to be showing her art at The Patrician Blue Art Studio in Uvongo – next to The Head Office in Uvongo, opposite The Smile Centre on 14th May 2015…. please let us all support her first exhibition of her beautiful and inspiring work!

Dianna Cooper Workshops

Diana Cooper will be here in September for workshops in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.  I have had many emails asking me when will the bookings open and I am so happy to say that the South African website is now on line! Please book your ticket via  You will receive an email confirming your booking and giving you the bank details as the website does not take online payments.  Once your payment reflects on the bank statement we shall email your ticket/s.  Please print your ticket/s and bring them with you to the workshop.

Please look at the website for more information on the workshop content, sounds absolutely Awesome and not to be missed.