GOD is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and Truth.

John 4:24


SECRETARY: Helen Dodge
TREASURER: James Sharkey
GENERAL MEMBERS: Tina Thomas, Colin Mackrory, Mark Lehmann


Greetings Dear Members

How time has flown by this first quarter of 2016.

We trust everyone had a wonderful Easter and remembered that it was not just about the awesome Easter bunny and guzzling too much chocolate and delicious fresh hot cross buns! But about rebirth, renewal, revitalization and the beautiful message of the great Master Jesus and Christ consciousness.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 10th April straight after the service. As always your attendance and participation will be highly appreciated.

The current committee members are willing to stand again but need to be voted in as per the Constitution.  Only paid up members have the right to vote.

Just a reminder that Membership fees of R100 are due.

Arrangements are underway for our very exciting and looked forward to Annual Folk Music Festival to be on held on Youth Day, Thursday, 16th June 2016.  Watch this space for more information.

Stall Information:  Only handmade, recycled, eco-friendly or organically grown or crafts and produce permitted for sale.  Please note that stall holders need to bring their own tables/chairs/gazebo.  There is no electricity or water supplied to any of the stalls.  Stalls must be up and ready by 10h00.  Please arrive from 08h00 as vehicles must be removed by 09h30.  The rate is R100 per stall paid before 31 May 2016 and R150 thereafter.  Bookings can be made with Tina.

On the charity front, we are happy to report that we have given a food hamper to the SPCA for cat food.  This is part of our ongoing process to support the various charities as chosen by members on their recently updated membership forms. You are also reminded to bring any old towels, blankets and bric-a-brac that we can donate to the animal charities to support them and their charity shops.

Talking about charity brings into mind that we are a “family” and there to help each other.  We ask that you let us know about anyone needing help.  We can only help if we know help is needed – communication is the key!

Remembrance Wall – isn’t it wonderful to see the new plaques up – a gentle reminder that our family in spirit is always with us and welcoming us to the Sanctuary.

Prayer for much need rain

Beloved Father God

We bring before you the drought we are facing in South Africa. We have faith that You will send the rain we so desperately need in our country.  Lord, we pray for all who are suffering right now. Please help all of us who have access to flowing water, use it sparingly. We ask that You guide and bless all the relief agencies, supporters and volunteers who are assisting with disaster relief.    Father God, we are facing many issues in our country right now. Have mercy on us and set us free from all the political, environmental, criminal and unemployment issues. Sow in us Your seeds of wisdom, peace and love and help us flourish as You intended.  Thank you for your unfailing love for us and the many blessings that you do shower us with everyday.   Amen.

Nothing External Can Control You – Jack Armstrong

Cast off the shackles of the negativity of the mass consciousness which oppress you. Cast off the fear and doubt and uncertainty and depression and negativism and tension and stress and anxiety and weakness and lack and all other negative emotions that you have allowed to attach themselves to you. Be done with them. Release them. Strip them of all the power you have given them. Leave them behind you. And then forget them. They have no part in your consciousness, and they are no longer part of you.

Rejoice in your cleansed consciousness and allow the truth and joy and love and power that are yours to flow freely through your being. Accept life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and expansion of your understanding of truth. Enjoy them, rather than allowing them to control you. Nothing external can control you when you allow your true spirit to be your truth and motivation.

I am now cleansed of all negativity, all resistance, all doubt or fear or uncertainty. I am one with God. I am surrounded by light, and I am free – literally – in every sense of the word. I am free to experience the goodness and guidance and blessings of God’s presence in every moment. I am free of negative emotions of any kind. I am free to experience the Kingdom of God during my physical journey, and I am grateful.


We are privileged to be able to add you or your loved ones to our prayer list, so please let us know if anyone, any situation or animal is in need of healing and we will pray together as a Sanctuary.

Meditation Circle:

Elaine Whitwam is running a circle at the Sanctuary on Fridays at from 1pm – 2pm.

Church members offering various modalities: 

Dr Dianne Visser – 082 340 3492 Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Counselling, Clairvoyant Readings, Reiki, Reflexology
Estelle Pettican – 076 212 1600 Clairvoyant Readings
Les Bedser – 074 829 2646 Clairvoyant Readings – Evidential mediumship. Path of Light Course
Clyde Mitchell  – 082 779 2315 Spiritual Healing and Indian Head Massage.  House Sitting Services.
Elaine Whitwam–  082 3377702 Trauma support group
Sandy Morris -084 587 6134 Gentle Bihar Yoga at Tweni Library
Helen Dodge – 084 987 2018 Circle Dancing
Mary Wood – 071 157 3939


“Nia” on a Tuesday mornings at Eugene’s Dojo in Hibberdene.  Exercise routines of pilates/yoga DVD –  R100
Kelly Kramer – 082 561 7897 Scio Biofeedback Therapist – Quantum Energy Healing Therapy