How ironic it is that the acceptance of good is so difficult – especially when goodness is all there is.”

Jack Armstrong


Healing:                    Sundays 09h15 – 09h45
Church service:      Sundays 10h00 – ± 11h00


CHAIRPERSON: Kerry-Lee Jesson
Gwen Ross
James Sharkey
Tina Thomas / Colin Mackrory / Irene Price

Message from Kerry-Lee:

Namaste all, I welcome you all to a new year, with new beginnings and new energy. A very big thank you to Dianne Visser and Marcia de Kock as well as Sandy Morris for the support I have been afforded for what seems an immense task ahead of me, but with you close by, and willing to assist we can only grow from here.

My motto for this year is “asking for help gives someone else a chance to shine”….so I am going to share the joy of giving by asking for your help and involvement all the time!!!

General Sanctuary news:

Names have been changed in the Herald and it was decided not to include the podium workers for the week in the paper specifically and/or on the notice board. It was felt that we should want to come to the Sanctuary to pray and worship and learn together rather than look on the list for the most entertaining person of the month and choose that service. I will remind all when it is their turn! Having said that I would like us to do training for anyone wanting to do the chair, or an address or even if you feel ready to do the spiritual guidance, please give the committee a shout…. we would love to help you reach your full potential in whatever way we can.

What we will tell you is on the 22nd March we have a very special guest speaker, Edwin Nel. If you were at his last talk you know what a treat we are in for. For more info – Don’t miss out on Edwin’s enthusiastic, uplifting energy.

We will have our Clairvoyant Day the first week in April 2015, so please diarise Saturday 4th, and let’s start getting our friends and relatives involved. It is a lovely fund raiser and a lovely day for all. A roster will be placed on the front door, if you could all give up an hour of your precious time to assist us on the day with the tea table, bookings and smooth running of the day, lots of friendly and welcoming smiles are such a gift and when we share the load, it doesn’t feel like work at all!

The Folk Festival arrangements are well under way and we have already got 20 stallholders waiting to pay their deposit, the stalls will be R100 payable before 30 April and after that R150 should we have space. Tina suggested we make a VIP car park at R50 per day for those wanting to park inside the grounds. (This does not include the musicians, who will automatically have space reserved for their vehicles).   I have been travelling from organic market to market and got numbers and interest from all over.

I have also tried to find out how to get the HCM to trim the hedges along Beach road to make parking easier on the day. It has been suggested that we go around from house to house and ask the owners if they would like to earn a few extra Rands, by charging cars to park inside their yards, as is done for the Lions show.

The Annual Festival has been acknowledged by South Coast Tourism Board and have listed the 16 June every year, as of this year. David has confirmed that the Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters are available for the day, as well as the popular Hinds Brothers. We will once again put up a roster so we all get a chance to enjoy the festival, by only having to put in an hour or two of helping!

Thank you to Tina and Colin for the enormous amount of work they have done in the garden! What a blessing to have you… thank you from the bottom of my heart… and this brings us to another wonderful idea that I have begun to pursue, and that is to hire out the Sanctuary and grounds for weddings of any religion and none, mixed cultural marriages as well as same sex marriages… we are right on Banana Beach and or gardens are magnificent to put a marquee for the after party! A substantial deposit would be put down by the guests and refunded once the property is returned to us in the condition they found it – this could be a real money spinner – I have already contacted Vicky from Wozani Africa, and will continue to put together packages to make the hiring of the venue very profitable. I will list us with all the wedding planners’ country wide.

I am in the process of finding out how we can get the brown signage boards from Province to land mark and put in place directional signs to the Sanctuary from the main road, coming from north and south. We have voted to join Ugu Tourism as well as the EDTA KZN Zulu Kingdom, which will afford us many benefits, one being main road signage, use of their logo on our correspondence, which gives the Sanctuary weight and recognition – especially when we pursue hiring out the venue. As members of the local UGU Tourism, we are included in the Southern Explorer Magazine and on their official map and on the South Coast Tourism website and correspondence, with location maps.   We will also be included on attending a monthly ‘meet and greet’ at venues throughout the Hibiscus Coast, where we can share our venue and Sanctuary information….this will cost R150.00 per year!

The TKZN membership gives us inclusivity on their comprehensive database of wedding and function venues world wide …this will surely assist us in our endeavours to market ourselves as a Sanctuary and a venue for auspicious occasions.   Free listing in marketing material such as niche brochures and maps, trade directories, and travel guides, together with a free web page hosted and generated by TKZN. Permission to display our brochures at all TKZN Tourism information offices and airports. Access to KZN’s marketing logo to assist in promoting KZN as a tourist destination.  The cost – only 150.00 per year! So for R300 a year we will be targeting a huge market for next to nothing in comparison to the R300 odd being spent on a miniscule, boring black and white classified advert in the local paper!

Our animal food collection is looking rather bleak, so if you can spare a packet of doggie biscuits or some old blankets, towels or yoga mats, they will be gratefully received by the animals without homes or love. A pillow or old soft toy… winter is upon us, the animals could do with a little warmth if you have anything to spare.

Thank you for supporting Di Hayter with purchases of her delicious muffins that she has baked for sale on Sundays, a portion is donated to the Sanctuary and the balance to the Hibiscus Animal Anti Cruelty for sterilisation of cats. Thank you Di, for feeding us and giving the cats a new lease on life. To date 2 cats have been “fixed” and hopefully 2 in the next week or so!

Please speak to one of the committee members if you have a talent that we don’t know about and we can use it to the benefit of you and the congregation!

Let’s have fun this year, lets raise the energy by being grateful for our blessings, for our beautiful Sanctuary and her gardens and lawns….lets smile from deep within so that we make the word come alive in our small way, each one of us…. I challenge you in the next few months to smile more, laugh often, allow yourselves to make mistakes, all the while knowing how loved you truly are. You are unique, different from anyone else in the entire Universe, you matter… are important… not just a drop in the ocean, but an ocean in a drop ….Dream the impossible, live the extraordinary ….make every breathe count.


Healing prayers

We ask that you please hold the following people in your prayers:

Wendy Marr, Ron & Elaine Whitham, Louise Goosen,   Bianca-May, Hazel & Roy Harvey

Lorna – one of the Sanctuary’s oldest patrons would love a visit and catch up chat. She lives at Villa Bruno, Mbango Village.

I spoke to Elaine Whitham last week, and she was happy to report that Ron is feeling a lot better, they even came out to the restaurant for a meal… thank you all for you healing love and prayers you have given with such love, they truly go where needed the most….and don’t stop!


My daughter Bianca-May is doing well… we have a long way to go still, but I would like to extend my deep gratitude for your loving support and prayers, for her and for me. This experience has gifted me once again of the gift of life on this plane, it has given me an opportunity for enormous spiritual growth, it has gifted me with patience and faith in the Divine and the ever present help all around us in Spirit. It has taught me to smile, to cry, to feel completely out of control, to ache, to yearn for a second chance, it has taught me the depth of my love for others and theirs for me. I have learnt tolerance and countless times to use the space between impulse and how I respond to things happening to me or around me…I have learnt that being happy is a choice, as is everything under heaven… you may not have control over what happens to you or your loved ones, but you have been gifted with free will, to choose how you respond.


DEADLINE DATE FOR THE TIME CAPSULE has been moved to 7 June 2015.

Enough time for you to get creative!



Meditation Circles:

Elaine Whitwam is running a circle at the Sanctuary on Fridays at from 1pm – 2pm.

Church members offering various modalities:

Dr Dianne Visser – 082 340 3492, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Counselling, Clairvoyant Readings, Reiki, Reflexology

Estelle Pettican – 076 212 1600, Clairvoyant Readings

Les Bedser – 074 829 2646, Clairvoyant Readings – Evidential medium ship

Clyde Mitchell            – 082 779 2315, Spiritual Healingand Indian Head Massage

Elaine Whitwam082 3377702,Trauma support group

Kerry-Lee Jesson – 083 271 7439, Sunshine Yoga Studio, Classes Mon – Sat.

Helen Dodge – 084 987 2018, Circle Dancing, at the Sunshine hot yoga studio.

Helen Dodge has changed her Circle Dancing days from a Wednesday to a Friday –      a fun and laughter filled evening for all to try…