Mim Erasmus Enthralls The Youngsters

Mim did a solo set of children’s songs before her Puppet Show

Don’t mention Magic, we were told in a SoL address a few weeks ago… it’s more than that! It’s a Miracle! And this our 3rd Folk Music Festival (and 2ndFreedom Day picnic) was indeed another Miracle – the weather, the music, the stalls, tables, SoL staff and the broader South Coast Community came out in their numbers to look, listen & learn a little more than we thought we knew… the event and the infrastructure needed to make it work just happened… like a miracle: the SoL ladies & gentlemen each did their bit & the tables, stalls & stage just sort of sprung up to greet the crowds & keep the stormy weather at bay…. to give us a day of clairvoyance & readings, messages & music; the latter provided by the legendary South Coast HINDS BROTHERS – ADEN & WREN, accompanied by violinist ANTON CAWTHORN-BLAZEBY; The BANDITS bluegrass Band from the kZN Midlands; MIM ERASMUS & her famous Puppet Show & GOLDIE & SILVER. All performed under a unique stage-designed-tent, set up by Ematheni. The arts, crafts, clothing & food stalls, the tea-garden and the jumble-sale were all well supported, and the South Coast community brought in loads of clothes for the needy. Thank you all…of a day.
The feature performance of the day were the South Coast’s very own recording artists, The Hinds Brothers, Aden & Wren with former Landscape Prayer’s Violinst, Anthon Cawthorn-Blazeby
The serene & calm Swami with his wares, is always a main-attraction at the SoL community events.
A Unique SoL Festival Feature – Glenda Fletcher an amateur archiologist has unearthed remarkable early South Coast stone-age pebble tools in river-bed sites
Chris Bester (Double Bass & Harmonies), Craig Martens (Vocal & Guitar) & Bryan Eaton (Vocals & Banjo – making their very first and well received, South Coast Appearance
Wedge Surfboards Stand – The Maisch family’s legendary Board factory is located in Pumula on the kZN South Coast

Let the pictures do the talking for now, and in the months to come we hope to produce a moving picture DVD documentary of the that memorable, miracle