January 2013

Our Greetings to all and although a little belated, our very best wishes to everyone for this year. We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and blessed 2013 and hope that your year brings you all you wish yourselves.

Our Christmas lunch was very well attended and enjoyed by all.  There were  guests from other sanctuaries who joined us and we also would like to thank Kerry of the Venture Inn for catering and supplying a lovely lunch.

Thanks to our committee for their hard work on the day.  Tina has done us proud with the cleaning and repainting of the wall above the steps which is to be our wall of remembrance as well as the cleaning of all the slasto.  It is really appreciated.  Hector has been busy  mending and sorting out things at the sanctuary which needed fixing and Clyde has done a good job keeping the healing running smoothly.

We are still waiting on the insurance to find out if we qualify to have them pay for the repair/rebuilding of the retaining wall behind the church which is falling away and will cause the building to subside.

Mark is still doing ongoing work to raise the funding of the Manitowoc College and we will keep you updated.

Our Music Festival is being held on Freedom Day and already there is a lot of interest from musicians and stall holders.  Please spread the word.  We are aiming for more stalls, readings on the day and lots of good music.

We know that there are those who have for the past three years given of their time on Freedom Day to help set things up, to make sure that readings and bookings are running smoothly etc. but we would really like more of our congregation to be involved so that the work does not sit on the shoulders of just a few.  Remember, this sanctuary belongs to all of us and we need to work together.  Anyone who would like to help can contact Sandy or me.  We would love to hear from you and welcome any ideas too.

Our condolences to Dave and Fran with the passing of Dave’s mother. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.  May she be blessed and lifted into the light.

There is quite a bit of maintenance to be done to the sanctuary.  Window frames need to be sanded down and varnished, the property has to be kept tidy and as Ernest is no longer living here we have to look to someone from the outside to do the grass cutting and maintain the grounds.  This is being sorted out at the moment.  We also need to do maintenance on the outbuilding.  It is in a very poor state and an eyesore when standing outside the church.

We have informed all those who do the chair on a Sunday as well as those who do platform work that we have to adhere to the format and time of each service.

Please let us know if there is anything you are not happy with and let’s discuss whatever problems there are as they arise.

Our AGM is being moved forward to the 7th April and we will be handing out ballot papers nearer the time as we really want the congregation to express their choice of committee members for the following year.  The past few years have not seen a large attendance at AGMs and we want to encourage you all to make the effort to attend the meeting and cast your votes.  As I say in all the news letters, this is your church and you have a voice.

Thank you all for your constant support, for the weekly plates of eats and for all the flowers brought to the services.  We do appreciate all your wonderful efforts.

To my committee, a big thanks to all of you for your hard work.

Please don’t forget…if you have not yet filled in your card with all your details just ask Tina and she will sort it out for you.

Let this be a year of growth and moving forward for our sanctuary.  Thank you for being part of it.

God bless all.
Estelle Pettican