Melville Spiritualist Church

September 2012 Newsletter

“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love

Greetings and blessings to all at our Sanctuary.  September was quite a busy month, sorting out small, minor problems at the church and our thanks to all who have helped.

We want to bring you up to date with what has been happening.

Firstly, we have looked at the retaining wall at the back of the church, which is now starting to collapse.  This is a serious problem as it could result in the outer church walls cracking or worse.  We are calling for quotes to sort this problem out and are looking into the insurance side to hopefully claim for the repair.  We will keep you posted.

As most of you know, we have decided not to work with several small charities, rather one or two over the period of the next twelve months.  Angel Wings is in a desperate situation as some of their sponsors have had to stop their aid.  We have taken them on as our main charity and so far things are looking up for them.  Thank you to all who have provided linen, books, foodstuff and cash donations.  A very big thank you to one of our members who has undertaken to pay for a monthly supply of gas for the next twelve months.  This is a huge blessing for Angel Wings as they rely solely on gas for cooking.  Thank you so very much for your generosity.  The church has purchased a twin tub washing machine for them as a donation.  There are over 100 people being cared for at Angel Wings and washing is done by hand.  We hope that this will make life a little easier for them. As we all know, it is a blessing to give to those who are in need and it is thanks to all your ongoing support of our sanctuary which has made this possible.

Wendy and Dianne both came to church after a long absence and it was so wonderful to see both of the again.  Welcome back ladies!

As always we are so very blessed to have the platform workers from other areas as well as locally who come to work in our services.  A huge thank you from us all.

The main application for the funding of our new center has been sent off and we ask everyone to please hold this in prayer.  Remember, this is not one persons project, or something which is for a specific group of people….the Manitowoc College belongs to all of us at The Melville Spiritualist Church and we all need to pull together in order for it to become a reality. There are such great things which will come from it and so many will benefit is many ways.

Bev Schaub has resigned from the Committee due to personal problems as she feels she cannot give enough of her time to the church.  We want to thank her for her input over the past few months as a committee member and we all wish her well.  Tina Thomas has kindly agreed to take Bev’s place on the committee and we all welcome her.

Please remember, if you have any news for us please let us know so that we can include it in our next newsletter.  Let’s keep working together towards the greater good of all.

We also want to remind you about our shoebox project.  Just get a shoebox, decorate it and fill it with some goodies. (Nice soap, facecloth, a tin of deodorant and a few sweet treats) Use your imagination.  All your boxes will go to Angel Wings for Christmas.  Remember, there are so many folk out there who are without family and friends who would really appreciate this small gesture from all of us.

Bless you all and we ask that God and his Angels walk beside you, be with your loved ones and guide, guard and protect you.

Until next time

Love and light

Estelle Pettican