Melville Spiritualist Church
The Freedom Day Folk Music & Village-Fair Festival of… Life, Love, Light ‘n Laughter…
27th April 2011 – Melville Beach, KwaZulu-Natal

There was never any doubt… given the serene Melville Spiritualist Church surroundings, wonderful folk, the words & the music, the food, the stalls, the camaraderie… and the exceptional dedication by the Sanctuary staff, friends & families, that this Freedom Day would be an unforgettable occasion. There’s not much one can day (or write) after the fact; let the pictures do the talking! For those of you who were unable to be there & share it with us… there’ll be a next time. But…, in the meantime we will, as the weeks wear on, post a few audio visual treats, and a few more photos of what it was that those 500 fortunate people enjoyed.

LINKS to sites of interest, most notebly other Spiritualist Movements, will be up soon. If you know of any links of interest, please contact us.