Jollean Matsen

Jollean Matsen

The SoL Website received this from Di Visser; it comes from her friend in India, Jollean Matsen.

Since my course with Barbara Marx Hubbard and The Shift Network, life has taken on a whole new garment of feeling and groundedness and this led me now to the gifts offered by Brian Swimme.  Now  I can speak personally about Brian Swimme because his contagious love, understanding and knowledge of the Universe, has deepened my love for life, it has rocked my foundation at the core and fused me with the radiance of the ground of my being in newer ways that can only speak of bliss, gratitude and awe for the beauty of The Universe Story, Our Story, My Story .  It is my heart’s impulse and I am sure, the impulse of Conscious Evolution itself to share with you this fire in my belly.

Who knows, perhaps it may take my dearest friends deeper into the core of their being as well for it is highly contagious.

Here is what they write about him:

For mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme, the universe is a continuous, radiant, numinous revelation. Contemplating the wonders of the unfolding creativity of the cosmos is a mystical, ecstatic, awe-inspiring event. And if you speak with him, read his books, or watch his educational video series—it’s contagious.  The story of the universe, across the sweeping expanses of space and time, he believes, is the deepest story of ourselves. Swimme is particularly interested in the unique potential of our present moment in the march of time—for now is the moment, through the evolution of the unique self-reflective capacities in human consciousness, that the universe can become conscious of itself. And, most significantly for our current planetary crisis, now is the moment in which we can begin to consciously “reinvent the human as a dimension of the emergent universe” and evolve into a mode of being human in which we are deeply in touch with, and experience a comprehensive compassion and responsibility for, all of life.

This link will take you to a series of videos: