Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Picnic – Melville Beach kZN 26 Nov 11

Dates: 12/08/2011 Dates: 12/08/2011

Hinds Brothers - Aden & Wren share the magic...

Roger Lucey & Dan Chiorboli - stun the crowds

Thanks to all for making this such a special magic music & weather day; for supporting the SoL / 3rdEar / Folk & Acoustic Music Picnic and keeping the rain at bay. How’s that for being treated special?… almost 5 weeks of non-stop rain and wind, and @ our ‘music & picnic’ the Sun peeps out from behind the clouds, the ‘great mystery’ smiles and says – Hello world! Have a nice day!No sooner had we packed up, and the rain came down again…

Perhaps it’s because the little ol’ South Coast can boast a host of magic musicians that needed to be heard? Just their instruments, vocals, songs & us. Truly world class! Let the photos do the talking – with thanks to Tomi Svorinicfor these beautiful reminders.

If there are photographers who don’t mind sharing a few JPEG photos with us, we’ll put them in the SoL archive & on the website, with a credit & a copy of a (not for sale) DVD in 2012?

Photos can be sent via eMail. Max 500kb / approx. 300dpi each. (But please make certain that the ‘subject’ line reads: SoL – Photographs… and your name) We’re looking for audience / stalls / table pics, but we can also use musicians’ stills and whatever ‘social shots ‘ you may have taken of your group / party.

Folk 'n Acoustic Picnic - early picnickers settle in...