Article by: Frank Van Vloten.

What is it that brings you here today? Is it perhaps because, having become a member, you feel duty bound to attend? Obviously, you are now surrounded by other of like mind with whom you can exchange ideas, not so much on an everyday level, but rather about matters and questions of a deeper nature which you feel may not be adequately answered by the orthodox belief systems to which many people subscribe. Or is that our way of life which we cal Spiritualism (for it is not a religeon in the commonly accepted sense of the word) holds more meaning for you than other pathways which you have encountered up to now? Or perhaps curiosity, just to see what it’s all about?

Whatever the reason is for you being here today (and there are undoubtedly many), it is likely that there will be a common denominator which you may well not be able to define in so many words, since it is a feeling which comes from within, your link with the Creator, this link being the natural or cosmic law. One of the laws best known to us on the earth plane is that of cause and effect. Natural law has been compared with man-made law on a previous occasion, but this time I would like to talk to you about other aspects of the natural law.

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